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Taurus horoscope for 星期三 8月 26



Taurus horoscope for 星期三 8月 26
If you were to jump into a pool and your weight carried you down to the
bottom, for a moment you would be suspended in an environment where you couldonly see water around you and light above you. And depending on how deep you
were, you might only hear very vague and distorted sounds. This immersion
does not allow you to see or hear anything clearly, Taurus. When you apply
this example to the way you may be feeling about a situation you've found
yourself in, you will understand that you don't have the needed clarity, and
you need to step away to gain it. Try that, and see how much clearer things
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zxcvbnm2103108/26 09:25謝謝

omnis08/26 11:08我以為一起混沌就是參與。謝謝