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Finding Steph Curry: How the Warriors’ offense must evolve
By WES GOLDBERG | [email protected] |
PUBLISHED: March 6, 2020 at 5:51 p.m. | UPDATED: March 7, 2020 at 5:53 a.m.

The Golden State Warriors held a long film session to begin the process of
creating chemistry between Steph Curry and his new teammates.

SAN FRANCISCO — After Warriors players filed into Chase Center the morning
after Steph Curry’s return, they were directed through a longer-than-usual
film session.
在Steph Curry回歸後的第二天早上,勇士球員進入主場Chase Center,之

Overall, head coach Steve Kerr was encouraged by how his team played in Curry’s first game back after a four-month absence caused by a broken left hand, buthe also saw missed opportunities in the Warriors’ loss to the Raptors on
Thursday night.
總體而言,總教練Kerr對於球隊在Curry因為左手受傷而導致缺席四個月後,第一場回歸比 的表現感到鼓舞,但他也看到了勇士在禮拜四晚上輸給暴龍隊比賽的幾次錯失機會。

“We scored 113 points against the second-best defense in the league and we
missed a lot of open looks,” Kerr said Friday. “I thought Steph looked reallygood and I thought the guys reacted to him well. We have a lot of work ahead.”Kerr週五表示:「我們在與聯盟第二好的防守對戰中獲得了113分,我們錯過了很多空檔。我認為Steph看起來真的狀態很好,而且我認為這些傢伙跟他的互動不錯。我們之後還有很多工作要做。」

Playing with Curry is unlike playing with any other superstar. Not only is
Curry perhaps the greatest shooter in NBA history, his fervent movement off theball makes him difficult to guard and, if you’re his teammate, sometimes
difficult to find.

That’s why Friday’s film session focused partly on helping Golden State’s
youngsters identify chances to get Curry the ball in optimal situations.

Here are some of the plays they may have noted.

Curry missed wide open

Here, Andrew Wiggins’ simply misses Curry snapping across a Marquese Chriss
screen to his left. Curry makes his cut so quickly, Toronto’s Norman Powell isleft lurching. He’s wide-open.
這裡,Andrew Wiggins簡直錯過了,Curry穿越Marquese Chriss掩護到他的左邊。
Curry空切如此迅速,讓多倫多的Norman Powell踉蹌失去腳步。Curry獲得大空檔。

However, Wiggins is focused on Damion Lee’s screen on the right side. After
setting his screen, Lee pops for a 3-pointer and crowds Curry’s space, and
Curry is forced to relocate to the corner.
但是,Wiggins專注於Damion Lee的右側掩護。設置好掩護後,Lee退到三分線,並且擠壓了Curry的空間,Curry被迫移動到角落。

By the time he gets the ball, Powell has fully recovered and is back to
defending him. Only about 4 seconds came off the shot clock but, in that time,Curry went from wide-open for a 3-pointer to passing to Chriss in the paint.
By the time he gets the ball, Powell has fully recovered and is back to
defending him. Only about 4 seconds came off the shot clock but, in that time,Curry went from wide-open for a 3-pointer to passing to Chriss in the paint.

This is not to blame Wiggins or Lee. They were running a simple forward-guardset that would normally create a decent shot. However, Kerr calls fewer playswhen Curry is on the floor, opting instead to rely on the improvisation of thetwo-time MVP.

“The old guys the last five years, it was second-nature to understand where
Steph was going to be,” Kerr said. “The new guys have to feel it and see it.”Kerr說:「過去五年來,老隊友依靠第二本能就可以知道Steph動向,這些新隊友必須去感受並且看到動向。」

Clunky offense

This play starts off poorly. Curry, who understands his own gravity more thanany player in the league, screens for Wiggins knowing his new teammate is
elite cutter.

But rather than take off toward the rim, Wiggins loiters in the corner. With
Powell playing the passing lane, Curry is unable to return to the ball, and thepossession crumbles.

As Chriss swings the ball to Juan Toscano-Anderson, Wiggins jogs the baselinewith Curry caravanning behind him. To his credit, Wiggins saves the possessionby setting a brisk screen that takes out both his and Curry’s defender. With
room in front, he rolls to the rim and nestles along the baseline, where Curryfinds him with a lefty behind-the-back pass.
當Chriss將球傳給Juan Toscano-Anderson時,Wiggins慢慢跑到底線,Curry跟在他身後。值得讚賞的是,Wiggins透過一個輕巧掩護,將他和Curry的防守者都阻擋開來,

Though the end result was an easy 2-pointer, had Wiggins simply cut when Curryhad set the screen, they could have gotten an even easier shot (and perhaps anand-1 opportunity) 10 seconds earlier.

Always find Curry in chaos

This may be the most obvious missed opportunity of the game, if only because
Curry ends up waving his hand and jumping to get attention.

After Wiggins’ offensive rebound, he kicks out to Toscano-Anderson. At that
point, everyone should be looking for Curry. Instead it’s Chriss — a 21%
3-point shooter — who ends up taking a shot with 7 seconds left on the shot

Reward Curry

This is a very basic floppy action — a standard NBA play in which a shooter
darts toward the baseline before curling back to the 3-point arc.

Curry sets a screen for Wiggins in the paint but, rather than wait for Curry toemerge from the defense, Toscano-Anderson enters the ball to Wiggins in the lowblock.

Then Toscano-Anderson screens for Curry and both defenders go with Curry.
Wiggins rightly passes the ball to Toscano-Anderson rolling to the rim.

“When a guy is running off a screen and drawing defenders with him away from
the ball on the weekside, that shifts all the pieces on the chessboard around,” Kerr said. “That’s when the young players have to find their spots.”

Toscano-Anderson passes to Chriss in the corner, who attacks a closeout and
finds Wiggins open for a 3-pointer after all the attention goes to Curry. TheWarriors would have been better off just getting the ball to Curry in the firstplace, but there are flashes here that they know how to work off him.

Screen for Steph

Over the next 19 games, the Warriors will have to break some habits they
established in the 58 games Curry missed. Part of that is deviating from the
simple play — the play they would have made without an all-time great shooteron the floor — and recognizing where Curry is.

In other words, “Now you start to get to that next layer of the offense,”
Draymond Green said.
換句話說,如同Draymond Green說的「現在你可以開始邁往下一個層次的進攻了。」

After Chriss hands the ball of to Curry, Curry then hands the ball off to
Wiggins. It’s a simple weave action — the sort of thing all these guys
run since grade school — that leads to an even simpler pick-and-roll. After
Wiggins gets the ball, Chriss dives to the rim.

But Curry hasn’t stopped moving since initiating the action. Meanwhile, Toronto’s defense cuts off Wiggins’ passing lane to Chriss. Wiggins is forced t
pass to Curry, who has to get creative to make something out of a broken play.但是Curry從一開始的發動,都還沒有停止動作。同時,多倫多的防守切斷了Wiggins傳往Chriss的傳球路線。Chriss被迫傳球到Curry,Curry必須發揮創造力,才能從殘破的局面中做出貢獻。

Rather than roll to the rim, Chriss could have flared and set another screen
for Curry, which would have led to a wide-open 3-pointer. That’s admittedly atough read at the moment, especially for someone whose bread is buttered by
rolling to the rim. But even after Curry gets the ball, Chriss posts up insteadof setting another screen.

Curry is a generous screen setter. His new teammates need to do the same.

“He can play with or without the ball, and he affects the game so dramaticallywithout the ball,” Kerr said. “Most guys don’t do that. Most stars need the
ball in their hands. His off-ball work is something that requires all five guysto be on the same page.”

All in all, Curry’s first game was encouraging. The Warriors almost beat the
team with the third-most wins in the NBA while Curry took just 16 shots in 27minutes in his first game back from a broken left hand.

“Toronto is a championship team that has a lot of chemistry and they know howto win,” Curry said. “For us it was a good step in the right direction,
everybody just competing. We can build off of this.”


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